How to bounce back from a holiday slump

Holidays are a fun time for a lot of people. There’s celebrations, gifts, family time, seeing old friends, traditions, New Year resolutions, and all that jazz. It can be a holly-jolly, rip-roaring, hell-of-a-time. But for some people it can be a downer. Whether you’re not crazy about spending time with your family, have a great family but suffer from seasonal depression, or you don’t have a home to go to anymore, the holidays really suck for some of us.

Either way, it’s time to bounce back. Whether you want to accomplish some New Year’s Resolutions, or you just gotta get yourself together to go back to work, here’s some tips to come out of your HollyJollycoma.

Concentrate on your goals

Even if you don’t buy into making New Year’s Resolutions, now’s a good a time as any to refocus on what you’re working towards. Whether you’re a student starting a new semester or a teacher dreading going back to school, it helps to think about what you want to accomplish this year (or this week, start small if you need) to help get you pumped for going back to the daily grind.

So what are some positive changes you want to start making? What are some new things you want to do? Do you like where your headed or do you need to rethink your current path? What are little changes you can make now to help you get on the path you want?

Answer these and more questions (make a list or a vision board, if you’re so inclined) and look forward to all the cool stuff coming your way this year.

Start a new hobby

Because why the heck not? I’ve always wanted to learn some self-defense so I started doing kickboxing and I’m looking into some taking some classes. Come spring I want to start training for a half-marathon. I’m hoping to finish my own poetry journal this year. Hooray for doing things!

So what have you always wanted to do? Always wanted to take a dance class? Pottery? Write that book? Why not start now? Everybody’s got a spare hour they can cut out off their Facebook scrolling or Netflix binging to start doing something meaningful that’ll make them feel accomplished in 2016.

Restart some old hobbies

Are there some activities you used to love that kinda fell by the wayside last year? Well, why not give them another shot? They’ll still be there waiting for you. No need to feel guilty if you haven’t practiced that instrument or sewed in a few months. You just took a break, that’s all. No judgement. Everybody needs a break. It gives you the chance to come back even more excited than before. You might find it more inspiring than last time. And if not, no biggie. Now you know you can move on to a more exciting interest!

Dive into Self-Care

You’ve probably heard to put yourself first and do nice things for yourself. Because you know you can’t pour from an empty cup, or drink from an empty cup, or some other metaphor about an empty cup. But self-care is super simple nice tidbits you do for yourself everyday. So take that bath with those fancy baths salts that your sister-in-law who doesn’t know you that well yet got you. Read that dorky spy novel. Get that massage. Take a friggen nap. Do whatever makes you feel awesome. Self-care is doing whatever you can do for boo (and boo is you, boo boo). Treat yo self!

Whatever your 2015 was like or however torturous your holidays were, they’re now over and it’s time to get back in the saddle and kick some butt. Or just be a little kinder to yourself. Whatever you wanna do, boo. Do you.

Here’s to 2016 and all the things you’ll do to make it great!

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