This bottle of rosé costs only $8, and it’s ranked as one of the world’s best

For those moments when you want to sip on something fancy without breaking the bank, here’s a bottle of rosé that costs only $8. Yeah, that’s way less than we spent on wine in the past…well, who cares about our drinking habits? Just don’t let the super reasonable price of this bottle fool ya: The Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016 was ranked as one of the world’s best wines.

While some unapologetic vino lovers are boldly sipping rosé out of a 40-oz. bottle, others will be perusing the aisles of their local Aldi, where this high-ranking wine is sold.

The store’s in-house Cotes de Provence Rosé beat out thousands of other entries to win the silver medal at the International Wine Challenge’s Great Value Awards, and we’re guessing it will continue to win over hearts, wallets and taste buds.

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In order to qualify for the awards, wines must be nationally available online or in stores and be a gold or silver-medal winner in the main International Wine Challenge. Needless to say, Aldi’s rosé easily met those qualifications, taking home a total of five silver and 13 bronze medals.

As The Telegraph reports, the rosé that just made its way onto shopping lists everywhere was produced by Jules Wines in Provence and consists of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes. The flavor of Aldi’s lauded rosé wine is described as “ripe summer stone fruits with generous acid palate and crisp bright finish.”

In other words, that sounds like a whole lotta yum in one unbelievably priced bottle.