All the things you know if you’re both a cat AND dog person

My family has only ever owned cats. We used to travel a lot to visit family in other states when I was younger, and it was just easier asking the grandparents to watch the cat, so we never had a dog. Now, I also own a cat– mostly for the same reason. I work a lot and don’t have anyone to walk or play with a dog when I’m not home. I think my cat is probably the best animal alive, but the thing is… I also like dogs! GASP! I know, it’s kind of like saying you like both Starbucks AND Dunkin’ Donuts. That’s a discussion for a different day.

I’m not just a cat person. I’m not just a dog person. Because I like both. Plus, I can’t say I agree with the stereotypes. My cat doesn’t turn me into an antisocial hermit, and my IQ doesn’t drop the second I pet a puppy. But loving both cats and dogs does not come without its challenges, as any overall animal lover will tell you.

If any of the following resonate with you, you might just be struggling through life as both a cat and dog person

Split Instagram loyalties

You posted a photo using the hashtag #catsofinstagram that one time, so none of your friends ever told you about Bailey the dog and you wasted months and months of feels not having that cute little face in your feed. “Oh, we thought you were a cat person.”

You have both “cat” and “dog” voices

You have different accents for getting different animals to react to you, even though you have zero voices for getting any person to listen to you.

Going into a pet store is sensory overload

All the cats! There’s a puppy! Look at the turtle! You went in for one thing and the next thing you know, it’s three hours later because you’ve fallen in love with every animal in there.

You really, really love pictures of cats and dogs hanging out together

D’awww. See, they can be friends!

Those cat or dog people quizzes are so confusing

You’ll never be able to relate to this or any other article that talks about what “cat people” are like versus what “dog people” are like. You’re like, what about “animal people”?

You have to explain yourself to cat AND dog people

You’ve told someone you have a cat and you’ve seen that look in their eye that makes you feel like you need to defend yourself, but not really. “…But I like dogs, too. Hey, wait a minute, cats are awesome.” Same goes when you tell cat people you have a dog. Can’t we all just get along?!

You constantly have too many pet toys in your life

Your pockets are full of treats, rubber balls, and laser pointers. Your colleagues think you’re feeling a bit too enthusiastic about giving your afternoon presentation, but really you’re just prepared for the next time you see any kind of animal.

The hardest question in your life: Who to pet first?

Lint rollers are like, your life

You’re never 100% sure whose fur is on your black pants.

The biggest challenge of all is not bursting out in a smile anytime you see a cat or dog– because, let’s be honest, our animals are the best part of the entire day. And really, how could you choose just one?

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