Premiere: Bossie brings her shimmery pop to life in the video for ‘There Will Be Time’

We’ve all been there: You’re just hanging out, minding your own business, when all of the sudden people start throwing tinsel and glitter and balloons at you (we mean…that’s happened at least, like, once, right?). So goes the video for “Meteor,” by Toronto synth pop artist Bossie (née Anne Douris), and hey, if the idea worked so well the first time around, why mess with a good thing? And that is what Bossie was probably thinking when she released her newest music video.

Bossie’s sparkling brand of pop (she’s been rightfully compared to UK trio CHVRCHES) is taken to its most literal physical expression in the music video for “There Will Be Time,” which HelloGiggles is proud to premiere. A sequel in both concept and sound to “Meteor” (the first shot is literally Bossie leaving the “Meteor” set), “There Will Be Time” follows post-tinsel-bombed Bossie around the town.

The video’s homemade, VHS-fuzzy look is a direct spoof on early ’90s MTV reality shows, specifically The Real World, and under Veronika Paz’s direction, we’re treated to Bossie’s IRL interactions with people, all while she’s cavorting around town as a giant holiday decoration.

So, what’s it like to go through your day while wearing, what is essentially, a tinsel version of Cousin Itt? Douris shared, “I walked around in public in this silly tinsel yeti outfit, and got a lot of mixed reactions. I was really nervous and uncomfortable. I was expecting people to be weird and put off (. . . some were) but was surprised to find that most folks were really into it. I got to be in a bunch of selfies and got hugged by quite a few strangers.  So eventually I embraced it and had a good time. Also I learned that ice cream and tinsel do not mix.”

For a song about hesitation and then acceptance, Douris’s expressions and behaviors in the video are spot on — also, riding a ferris wheel in a giant glittery suit should be on everybody’s bucket list.

Watch the music video for “There Will Be Time” below. It’s OK if you feel like dancing (we totally did).

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Image courtesy of Amanda Fotes/Bossie.