Netflix is very sorry it ever doubted “The Boss Baby’s” Oscar potential

In news that will *not* surprise anyone who has watched it, The Boss Baby has been nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2018 Oscars. When the film was first released, people didn’t know what to do with it. An animated movie where Alec Baldwin voices a baby who’s also a businessman…but only his brother knows about it? What gives?

Netflix said the same thing, but now they’re EATING THEIR WORDS. Which is to say, Netflix apologized for ever doubting The Boss Babyon Twitter. And the streaming service even brought their own receipts for this.

The Netflix Twitter account posted a tweet with side-by-side comparisons of their original tweet disparaging the OSCAR-NOMINATED Boss Babynext to the list of nominees for Best Animated Film. “I stand corrected,” Netflix wrote, “Apologies to The Boss Baby.”

Netflix even went on to defend the movie to naysayers!

People with *way* too much time on their hands got fussy about the film in the comments, and Netflix did not back down from its position. Like, one user called it, “the stupidest thing i ever watched.” And Netflix fired back with, “explain in what way a boss baby is stupid. he’s literally a baby who is a boss. he’s not only smarter, but also bossier, than all other babies.”

Honestly, Netflix makes a great point.

The Boss Baby provoked an emotional response in many of its viewers, but the question now is: Is that enough to land it an Oscar win?

Coco is earning heart eyes from almost everyone who watched it, and Ferdinand is so fun and heartfelt, as is its cast. The Breadwinner, meanwhile,is about a young girl living under Taliban rule in early 2000s Afghanistan, and Loving Vincent is about Vincent Van Gogh. Talk about tough competition.

Well, we know one thing for sure: This movie is apparently succeeding at cornering the market on FEELINGS.

It’s inspiring to see Netflix correct its mistake like this, and so publicly. Congrats to The Boss Baby and everyone who loved it. Victory is yours.

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