7 totally Instagrammable booze bottles that make perfect gifts for your cocktail-obsessed friend

Lately we’ve noticed that #cocktailporn is the new #foodporn, and we aren’t the only ones. Our favorite booze brands are stepping up their game with some ace bottles, proving that sometimes you really can judge a book by its cover. And while we’d like to point out that what’s inside is always what counts most, we’re really digging the supremely Instagrammable bottles hitting the shelves these days.

Whether you’re looking to mix up some hot cocktails or stock up on the essentials, these Instagrammable bottles pack a punch that will make any of your friends kind of extremely excited to get one as a gift.

1Bruichladdich Classic Laddie

Even if we weren’t into whiskey, we’d want to collect Bruichladdich’s Classic Laddie for the gorgeous aqua bottles. Connoisseurs love this single malt as an awesome expression of terroir (meaning that one sip sends you straight back to Scotland). If you want to add a fancy touch to your Old Fashioned, this entry-level Scotch is the way to go.

2Gin Mare

The sea-inspired hue of Gin Mare’s heavy glass bottle is subtle, but oh-so-pretty. We love the elegant floral design across the front, too. Bonus: the gin inside is totally unique. It’s infused with rosemary, thyme, basil and olive – perfect for mixing up the ultimate dirty martini. (Also recommended: this gin spritz with rosemary and lime.)

3Highland Park Dark Origins


Channel your inner Darth Vader with Highland Park’s sleek, matte black Dark Origins bottle. It’s as elegant on the inside as it is on the outside: the whiskey spends some time in a sherry cask (how very Frasier Crane) to pick up all kinds of Christmas cake flavors. Great on its own or in a warming winter Hot Toddy.

4Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque


We’re calling it: Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque has the prettiest bottles ever designed. You have to shell out the big bucks to get one (only vintage releases come in the floral bottle), but man, are they ever worth it. Classic champagne cocktails, anyone?



St-Germain may be relatively new on the spirits scene, but with that stunning Art Deco-style bottle, you’d swear it’s been around forever. Once you try the elderflower-flavoured liqueur, you’ll want to put it in everything. May we suggest this elderflower spritz?

6Casamigos Tequila


Thanks to George Clooney’s super-smooth tequila, we finally understand how Meredith Grey drinks this stuff like water. We love the minimalist, almost handcrafted look of the Casamigos labels – a perfect fit for a DIY-styled bar. This one will definitely take your margarita to the next level

7Crystal Head Vodka

Canadian-made Crystal Head Vodka is the brainchild of actor Dan Aykroyd. With its super cool glass skull-shaped bottle, it’s been winning fans since its first day on the market. Even if you’re not into vodka, Crystal Head is a must-have for any collector.