Boomer Phelps has his own Instagram and we’re dying of cuteness

Michael Phelps made history on Thursday in Rio, winning his 22nd gold medal. It’s impossible to not be proud of him, considering that most of us haven’t won 22 of anything.

One very special little human is especially proud of Phelps, and that’s his  3-month-old son, Boomer Phelps.

Or, at least, he will be one day when he understands words and feelings.

Boomer has been attending his dad’s races with his mom and grandma, and he’s pretty much stolen the show.

Because he’s freaking adorable and has no idea his dad is a living legend.

Lucky for us, Boomer has his very own Instagram page (started by his parents), so we can all live vicariously through his every tiny move.

Even though he isn’t old enough to type his own captions or, you know, sit up on his own, he already has 390,000 followers.

Here’s a taste of the adorableness:

Team Daddy… I meeeeaaaaaan.

Resting before one of the many big races.

Winning gold medals is sooooo tiring.

He’s just so cute, it’s hard to handle.

We believe it, kid.

Boomer is so swag, he doesn’t even need to stay awake for TV interviews.

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