This #bookstagram is perfect for every feminist reader who likes a pretty feed

If you’re like us, you totally love a good feminist read, and you also love to look at pretty books all day. As if you needed another reason to be Insta-obsessed, @half_book_and_co is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Because YAY, feminist books! An account dedicated to African literature(s), women, people of color, and queer writers, and feminist sentiments, this gorgeous Instagram account is the perfect balance of super pretty books, and super important books.


Here are some of our favorite shots! We know we found a whole lotta books to add to our already never-ending reading lists, and we hope you find some new faves amongst the ~super artsy~ feed.

1. These stunners from the Man Booker Prize 2016 longlist.

BRB, going to nab all of these.

2. This funky fave.

Such a strange, gorgeous book.

3. This recent, lovely novel.

Because if Strout isn’t on your radar you’re totally missing out!

4. This inclusive collection.

A book with pictures? Sign us up.

5. This teensy little book.

It would make a seriously great gift.

6. This artsy, smart book.

Learn about art while you read art. Sounds like a plan to us!

7. This excellent collection.

Um, hi, beautiful cover.

8. This love story.

Because we love love.

9. This queer anthology.

Queer comics? Oh heck yes.

10. This snazzy art book.

Why pretend to be ~artsy~ when you can also learn about art?

11. This lyric novel.

Because summer means hiding inside with a good book, right?

12. This killer fiction.

Sometimes we just need to get lost in another world.

13. This pile o’ beauties.

Our book shelves are going to collapse, but it’ll be worth it.

14. These collections of African poetry.

Poems make our soul sing.

15.This great short read.

For those who like their reads quick and punchy.

16. This stack of feminist books.

Because #GirlPower.

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