Books coming out this week: “The Elizas,” “The Comedown,” and more

Raise your hand if you feel like no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. They’re everywhere right now, y’all. And so is their new baby, True Thompson. Don’t get us wrong; we’re hanging on every new update and bit of baby news that we can get our eyes and ears on. But we can feel Khloé Kardashian Baby Mania 2018 starting to take its toll. So before you do something drastic like delete Twitter or toss your phone out the window, let’s refocus on something else. Unplug and go offline for a bit. Pick up a new book. Incidentally, the books coming out this week are a literary fiction lover’s dream.

But first, let’s talk HG Book Club. This month, we’re reading Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay. And if you’re reading along with us, you should be about halfway through. That is, unless you devoured it in one sitting, which is a highly plausible outcome. Let us know how you’re liking it on Instagram with #HGBookClub. And if there are any books in particular you’re loving or looking forward to that we should read next, let me know!

Here are nine books coming out this week that you don’t want to miss!

1The Elizas by Sara Shepard, out April 17th


The author of the Pretty Little Liars series is back with her first novel geared toward adults. A writer named Eliza is found at the bottom of a hotel pool. Though everyone thinks she attempted suicide, Eliza insists she was pushed and begins searching for her attacker. As her novel’s publication date nears, and the lines between fiction and reality blur, she begins to question just how fictional her book actually is.

2The Comedown by Rebekah Frumkin, out April 17th


This inventive novel tells the stories of two families through the decades and how they’re connected by a drug deal gone wrong in the ‘70s. Each family member gets their own chapter and adds more to the story. The Comedown is a dark, complex, and important read about addiction and mental illness.

3If We Had Known by Elise Juska, out April 17th


After a mass shooting at a mall in rural Maine, Maggie learns that the gunman was one of her former students. When a dark essay he wrote during one of her classes goes viral, she’s pulled into a national discussion about red flags, warning signs, and safety. We can’t think of a more important read right now than If We Had Known.

4The Girl Who Never Read Noam Chomsky by Jana Casale, out April 17th


Have you ever bought a book or read something in the name of impressing someone? Leda has. She bought a Noam Chomsky book, but she never read it. The Girl Who Never Read Noam Chomsky follows Leda from college to adulthood, marriage, and parenthood as she figures out what she wants and who she wants to be. It’s a beautiful reminder that even if things don’t always turn out the way you planned, everything will still be okay.

5Our Little Secret by Roz Nay, out April 17th


When Angela’s ex’s wife goes missing, the police ask her the same questions over and over. But when she connects with one criminologist in particular, she finally starts telling her story. Angela swears she had nothing to do with Saskia’s disappearance, but what’s the real truth? Our Little Secret is a short thriller that packs a big punch.

6Every Other Weekend by Zulema Renee Summerfield, out April 17th


Nenny is an eight-year-old navigating her new life after her parents’ divorce. Her anxiety worsens and she sees dangers, both real and imagined, everywhere around her. Every Other Weekend will remind you just how wise kids can actually be. If you’re a fan of family fiction, or just nostalgic for the late ‘80s, this one’s for you.

7Love & War by Melissa de la Cruz, out April 17th


Still haven’t snagged tickets to see Hamilton? Don’t worry, because Melissa de la Cruz’s Love & War is finally here. The second installment of the Alex & Eliza series focuses on Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler as they settle into their marriage. You already know the lyrics, and now you can read the next chapter of their love story in YA form.

8The Little Clan by Iris Martin Cohen, out April 17th


The Little Clan is a charming story about two friends who start a literary salon at a Manhattan arts club. But in the coming-of-age-in-New-York-City tale, their visions take them in separate directions. Bibliophiles will devour this love letter to literature.

9Little Red Velvette: Prince-Inspired Baking at Home, out April 21st


On April 21st, 2016, the world lost a true legend. What better way to honor Prince than to bake a Purple Rain ombré cake or whip up some Most Beautiful Swirl in the World cupcakes?

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