This book-turned-TV show might just be the next “Gossip Girl,” and we can’t wait to tune in

Gossip Girl taught us all so much about life. The show depicted the magnified feelings and connections that we all go through at that age, especially when mixed with issues of status, money, and intense social pressure. They also all lived in New York City, where things are happening all the time — for those of us who tuned in from suburbia, the show seemed both exciting and scary, and it was thrilling to watch people who had similar emotional lives to ours carry them out so differently.

Then, the show ended, and we all mourned quietly and took the lessons we learned on with us. But now, there may be another show on the horizon to fill the Gossip Girl-sized hole in our hearts — and that show is Prep.


Prep is based on a book by the same name, and has some impressive people behind it. Former writer and producer of 30 Rock, Colleen McGuinness, will be developing the show, along with Game of Thrones executive producer Carolyn Strauss.

It follows the life of Lee Fiora, a girl from the midwest who suddenly finds herself in the Ault School, which is a fictional boarding school located in Massachusetts. It’ll be set as a comedy, but it will also deal with important coming-of-age issues, just like Lee does the book, such as relationships, growing up, discrimination, and gender.

The series will be coming to HBO, and we are so, so excited to watch what is sure to be our new favorite prep school show. While it doesn’t sound like it’ll be exactly like Gossip Girl, tbh, that’s okay — we would never want to fully replace our favorite Upper East Siders. We’d rather make room for something new entirely.

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