Book Review: A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette by Gemma Correll

Ah, the mighty and magnificent Pug. Snortling and chubbing along in all its splendor. Is there anything finer than the proud Pug specimen parading about town with the greatest of composure and dignity? Probably not.

As an owner of a pooch who is not a Pug, I still have great enthusiasm for all things dog-related. Dogs are our little champions. Our merry jigging gentleman. The madames of adorability, if you will. That’s why when I discovered A Pug’s Guide to Etiquetteby Gemma Correll, I was thrilled.

Gemma Correll is an amazing illustrator and cartoonist based in the UK and the proud owner of two beloved Pugs. I originally came upon her on a blog wherein I saw the following cartoon:

I think Gemma basically hit the nail on the head in terms of how we socialize at parties. I immediately needed more cartoons about being awkward and ridiculous in a variety of situations.

As I delved further into Gemma’s world, I wished more and more I could live within it. Gemma’s style is simple and whimsical, turning the every day creatures and people around us into bite-size treats for the eyes and mind. And what cuter subject is there to tackle than A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette?

If you’ve ever been acquainted with a Pug, you’ll know there are certain rules that every Pug should, must, or does follow. Even if you’re an unfortunate stranger to the world of Pugs, this book can still help any dog learn to mind its manners. And, actually, many of the rules can apply to our own trivial human trials and tribulations.

Many important topics our covered, such as

Encountering Ignoramuses

First of all, the term ‘ignoramus’ is used far too sparingly in day to day life, so kudos on that front. Secondly, this particular section hits close to home as a human who has to deal with ignoramuses almost daily. People make rude remarks about my non-Pug who, I’m the first to say, is no beauty queen but it still makes me want to punch them in their stupid fat heads when they feel the need to remark on his less than stunning apperance.

But you know, Gemma’s right – they simply don’t know any better. And I should pity them. Pity all the ignoramuses!

Gemma also touches on

Appropriate Bath Time Behavior

Entertaining Guests

Useful Applications of Energy

and much more!

A personal favorite topic covered is Farting, designated by the sound ‘Parp’!

I totally agree about farting after a heavy meal. I find it rude when my dog doesn’t do it, and I know people always seem oddly upset if I don’t give a resounding toot to show my appreciation at dinner parties.

From Pug owners, to Pug enthusiasts, to Pugs with bad manners or those in need of a quick refresher – A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette has something for everyone. So if you feel need to inject you and your dog’s life with a little decorum and class, please read this book and take it’s astute advice to heart. And fart.

The book is available for purchase at Amazon.

Images via Gemma Correll

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