Book-lovers are officially more attractive, because obviously

Books are sexy and we’ve got the science to back it up. According to a recent report by UK dating app MyBae, book-lovers are more likely to land dates than those who do not. YAAAAS.

The app, which suggests matches based on shared hashtags, recently published a blog post explaining that its most popular tag interests aren’t about movies, Netflix, or music, but rather, about books. In fact, out of the top 100 tags, almost a fifth were reading-related.


“Out of all our matches 21% of those matches had related reading tags in common,” wrote MyBae’s Daniel Sobey-Harker in the report. “This is much stronger than the average of 15% for all other matches that similar matches with music, films, or TV.”

Additionally, 11% of their users purposely try to match with someone who is an avid reader, even if they have no tags in common. “This compares to the next highest tag, music, in which only 7% of people who don’t have anything in common still match,” Sobey-Harker wrote.

Additionally, those who list specific books — such as Game of Thrones, for example — are more likely to match than those who don’t. The “sexiest genres” for users of the app are romance, psychological thriller, and travel.


There you have it, folks: If you’re looking for love, you can find it with a book. Book-lovers know that already though, obvs. <3

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