Book characters we wish were our IRL besties

Happy friendship day! In honor of this Very Important Holiday, we’re running this story about one reader’s relationship with literary besties.

When I pick up a really good book, I sometimes start to think of the characters as my friends. I don’t know if that’s weird or the sound of someone who stays home alone with nothing but her books for company, but it’s true.

Anyone can fall in love with certain characters, and happily anticipate their reactions. There are characters that become everyone’s not quite-imaginary-best-friends. But what would happen if your favorite literary character actually became your best friend? What are their BFF qualities, and what could you expect being in cahoots with them? Here’s a list of some beloved book characters, and what they would be like if they were your bestie.

Hermione Granger from The Harry Potter series

There are seven books full of evidence why Hermione may quite possibly be the bestest friend out there, ever. What makes her a great BFF? She is one of the best listeners around, and one of the best problem solvers. Hermione will listen to your troubles and your sob stories, and will help you figure your way out of misery. She is also the BFF who will eat a pint of ice cream with you following a nasty breakup, but she won’t allow you to wallow in self-pity for too long.

Hermione may be one of the smartest cookies around, but the Sorting Hat placed her in Gryffindor, remember? This means that Hermione is fiercely loyal, something that all people cherish in their friends. She can also be a bit reckless every now and then, so you know that the two of you will get into some sort of adventure once in awhile (and lucky for you, she is so smart it’s a sure thing you won’t be in any real danger). Oh, and bonus: Hermione as your BFF means that you will have a real life encyclopedia at your finger tips.

Peter Pan from Peter Pan

True, Peter may be lacking in certain qualities: Don’t go to him for how to ask for a pay raise at work. But if you’re an individual that takes Peter’s self-infatuation as charming, and he doesn’t find you boring, than life with Peter as your BFF will be magical. You’ll have to expect Peter to more often than not forget about meeting up with you, as he has better things to do, like swimming with mermaids.

But if you don’t mind the occasional snub from him, he will jump at the opportunity to viciously fight (and win) against your arch enemies, exes, and people you find annoying. For real, he has a sword handy, and your back in these situations. He also doesn’t shy away from a challenge. If you are feeling sad, he’ll cheer you right up, whether by calling in the fairies, or telling you a tale of one of his adventures. But for me, the reason why you would want him as a BFF is because he is a shameless optimist. His confidence will rub off on you, and as Peter has proven, with a little bit of determination everything will become not only fun, but an adventure.

Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

After Hermione, this may be who I would want as my best friend. At first glance, she leads a largely solitary life. Even with her as your BFF, you may not see her that often, as she spends a lot of her time sleeping in, and being vengeful. But she is the best BFF for those who don’t need a chatty friend, and she is perfect to go hardcore clubbing with. Lisbeth is also great because she understands the need to keep quiet and to concentrate when you guys are studying, or writing, or researching together.

She is also the type of BFF who doesn’t give a damn what you did in your past (as long as it wasn’t something too hateful), and won’t pass much judgement on you. She accepts you as you are, even if she doesn’t respect your privacy. Plus, Lisbeth will always have your back, and will gladly go on a quest to clear your name, or to hunt someone down for you.

John Knightley from Emma

Why wouldn’t you want him to be your best friend? John Knightley is the friend for the true homebody. You won’t need to convince him to stay in on a Friday night to binge watch The X-Files. He’ll probably be the one to suggest to stay home instead of going out to the party down the street when it’s pouring rain anyways.

Yes, major social events will be few and far in between with John as your BFF, but do you even care about that, as you have each other? He also makes himself a pretty good best friend because when the two of you get up from the comfort of your cozy couches, and hang out in groups (a rare occurrence, it’s true), he is super observant. It’ll be him, not you, that will notice when someone is crushing on you. He’ll also be ready with a passive aggressive remark to anyone who dares to bad mouth you in front of him.

John Watson from the Sherlock Holmes series

Even when you are a total asshole, John Hamish Watson will always love you in his role of BFF. In fact, your total self-conceit will become endearing to him, so there will be no need to pretend that you don’t in fact think that you are the baddest mofo. He may even write a blog about your hobbies and livelihood, which will only produce good results.

John is the bestest of friends for those who are a bit out of touch with reality. He’ll listen to your philosophical and hypothetical theories, and will even join in on the fun. But at his core, he is a down to earth sort of guy, and will keep you grounded. He’ll deflate your (potentially) inflated head when it is needed, just to keep you in check. John isn’t quite as much of a BFF as he is a carrot to your pea, or honey to your chamomile tea. He’s the type of bestie who you depend upon for everything, and your friendship with him will become the most significant relationship in your life.

Kristin D. Urban is a freelance writer, art teacher, book reviewer, and yoga enthusiast. She enjoys good books, good tea, nature walks, and spending time with her black lab.

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