If you never know what to read, this store will set you up on a book blind date

There are so many books in the world. Like, so many. So how in the world are you supposed to pick the perfect one? Luckily, one bookstore in Australia has got it totally figured out by ensuring you will never judge a book by its cover again.

Elizabeth’s Bookshop has created the most brilliant concept: blind dates with books. That is, they sell books wrapped up in paper with just a few vague adjectives and descriptions on the front, and you have to pick what’s most appealing to you.

“A lot of people who come into our store don’t know what they want to buy so they just browse or ask for a recommendation,” Ryan, an employee at the store, told Lost At E Minor. “One of our staff members thought it would be a good idea to set up a kind of lucky-dip table where you get to pick a book at random. I was really skeptical that it wouldn’t work at all, but it’s been really successful. It’s actually a really good promotional tool for our stores.”

The shop started doing it back in 2013, but recently it’s been totally blowing up, with people all over the world purchasing a surprise book to snuggle up with. “People have such a hard time choosing what to read and you do tend to judge a book on what you see, so this takes all the choice out of it,” store manager Melanie Prosser told The Telegraph back in 2014. “You get a few words to base your decision on and it gives you a chance to try something new instead of going for what you know.”

If you’re not from Australia and dying to try out this concept, good news! You can buy one of the “blind date” books online here for about $13 – $17 a pop. Who knew finding your new fave book could be so romantic? We know how we’ll be spending Valentine’s Day. . .

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