This model’s unedited photo showing her stretch marks went viral — and we need more of this, stat

As we push for more body positivity in the fashion industry, people can take heart in the fact that brands are finally listening. Companies are expanding their size ranges to be more inclusive and creating campaigns that highlight people of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones sans Photoshop. Much like the swimwear brand Rheya, big-name brands like Zara and Missguided no longer Photoshop stretch marks, giving customers a more accurate view of the people who model its clothing.

A Boohoo model’s photo just went viral because her stretch marks weren’t edited out, making it quite clear that these standards are having an important impact throughout the fashion industry. Fans of the brand are happy to see that this model’s individuality is being respected, and it’s a call to arms for other brands to do better.

Not only does Boohoo sell a vast range of cute and playful clothing at an affordable price point, but it offers plus-size, petite, and maternity sizing. And remember, it makes sense to represent women as they are — whole, complex beings, “flaws” and all.

Facebook user Cheryl Adele was the first to see Boohoo’s non-Photoshopped model.

In her Facebook post, she wrote: “I find this so amazing! That even on a massive clothing brand like Boohoo they haven’t photoshopped away the models stretch marks! This is what girl power is all about! And every woman has imperfections. It shouldn’t be photoshopped away to give unrealistic expectations! Its what makes us who we are!”

While the bodysuit appears to no longer be available on the brand’s site, this is definitely the kind of message that we need way more of in the fashion industry — inclusive, diverse, and an honest representation of women’s bodies.

Shoutout to Boohoo for doing right by its models and advancing the body image conversation in a positive way.

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