The fashion brand Boohoo launched a beauty line, and it’s all under $10

Ready your wallets, Boohoo fans. The U.K.-based fashion site is breaking into beauty territory! Boohoo launched its debut cosmetics collection, featuring a mix of all the essentials.

Think along the lines of punchy lipsticks, pigmented eyeshadows, primers, makeup brushes, and smoky-eye-worthy mascaras and eyeliners. And like everything that Boohoo offers, these goodies come with affordable price tags that range from $4 to $36. Our wallets can live with that.

If you’re already a fan of the fast fashion e-tailer, then you’re familiar with the brand’s youthful threads that tie in a message of inclusivity for all girls (we dig that). For those who’ve yet to have the pleasure of shopping Boohoo, allow us to introduce you: this fashion-forward, wallet-friendly line will cater to your shopping needs with little bonuses like mega-flash sales and free shipping.

Basically, they’re the bomb.

Like their fellow fast fashion brands Forever 21 and Topshop, Boohoo is treading into unchartered territory by offering up an affordable beauty line to complement its clothes. Beauty is a new category for big fast fashion brands in general, which traditionally stick to producing clothes and accessories while still carrying other cosmetic companies’ makeup on their shelves.

While we haven’t exactly been “on a budget” this month in terms of beauty spending, from the Fenty by Rihanna makeup launch to all the new Too Faced makeup surprises, these Boohoo cosmetics prices are too good to pass up. Makeup this pretty and affordable deserves a place in our beauty cabinet.

Now, what to buy first… that $5 Vinyl Lipgloss and Liner kit? Or perhaps the 8-Shade Eyeshadow Palette for just $10? Or perhaps a few of those $4 Matte Lipsticks? Decisions, decisions.

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