The little girl who voiced Boo in “Monsters, Inc.” grew up to be a totally fierce woman

When Disney’s iconic Monsters, Inc. premiered 15 years ago (and OMG can you believe it’s already been that long?!) we instantly fell in love with professional “scarers” James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and Michael “Mike” Wazowski. We also fell in love with the too-cute-for-words Boo. If you recall, she was the adorable human child who was never scared of Mike and Sulley – she even went so far as to call Sulley “Kitty!” Well, Boo was voiced by a very talented (then) two-year-old named Mary Gibbs and it turns out she’s grown up to be a super talented and fierce Yogi, IRL.

Here’s Mary Gibbs then with co-star Billy Crystal (Mike)…


…and here’s Mary Gibbs now!

And here she is in full yogi form.

Mary has never forgotten her fabulous Monsters, Inc. roots, though.


And she recently blessed us all with these amazing behind-the-scenes photos from when she was working on Monsters, Inc.

In the recording studio!

Just doing a little ~directing~.

And perfecting that iconic Boo scream with director Pete Docter!

Oh, and if being a super talented yoga instructor wasn’t enough, she’s also a badass aerialist!

We’re crazy impressed to see what an amazingly talented woman Boo, sorry Mary, has grown up to be and we’re sure Mike, and especially Sully, would be proud, too!

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