#BonnarooDIY: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cutting Your Concert Tee

I’m sure, like Molls and me, you have tons of concert t-shirts piled up in your drawers and closets. Most have awesome logos but the fit just isn’t right. And if you’ve ever been to a festival, you know that everyone is all about that DIY.

Some people are DIY masters! I’m sure somewhere on Pinterest a girl has turned a tee into a wedding dress. I can’t say I exactly have that skill. So below is a method that HG co-founder Molly McAleer mastered and passed onto me called “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cutting Your Concert Tee.” It’s super easy and a perfect way to express your personal style!

Step One – Pick a Shirt

Step Two – Cut the neck & arms to your liking

Step Three – Cut an asymmetrical line at the bottom

And Voila!

You’ve got yourself a super cool and comfy tee! Obviously, you can mix n match any of these steps above or add your own flare! Maybe some dye or puff paint or whatever your little crafting heart desires! The best part? If you mess up, no one has to know cause it’s DIY and pretty much anything is a masterpeice!

So go out and get your Martha Stewart on girl! Be sure to share the pics of your dazzling creation on twitter @HelloGiggles, @Molls, @origToriqua, @slippy + @Airbnb, using the tags #BonnarooDIY & #FindMolly!

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