“Instinct” inadvertently ripped off a “Bones” storyline, and Detective Twitter is on the case

It seems like as long as there’s been television, there have been crime procedural dramas. It’s what the people want, apparently! But with the never-ending amount of procedurals, there are bound to be some similarities between storylines. When you’re writing dramas about solving crimes, there are only so many ways to figure out how to catch a killer, right? Well a lot of eagle-eyed viewers started feeling a major case of déjà vu on Sunday night, April 1st, while watching the new CBS drama Instinct…because it featured a nearly identical storyline to one that aired on Bones years ago.


Here’s the rundown of the stories so you can see for yourself if there was any wrongdoing: Instinct, starring Alan Cumming, aired its third episode, “Secrets and Lies,” on Sunday night in which an Amish teenager was murdered after he moved to NYC. The detectives find popsicle sticks in his bedroom, which remind them of piano keys, so they realize he secretly played piano and they decide to interview the victim’s piano teacher.

Now, Bones aired an episode back in 2009, “The Plain in the Prodigy,” which was *also* about an Amish teenager who was murdered after he moved to a big city. The detectives found a collection of rocks in his room and they later realize the rocks look like piano keys, meaning he secretly played piano, so they track down the victim’s piano teacher.

Hmmm, we’re no Bones and Booth, but this definitely smells foul.

And we’re not the only ones who thought so. Twitter took on the case and fans found that Instinct overwhelmingly was in the wrong — whether it was on accident or totally on purpose. false



The Instinct showrunner even admitted that something, or someone, messed up along the way and took to Twitter to apologize.

But, there’s no hard feelings from Bones creator Hart Hanson.

So if the showrunners are handling it amongst themselves, does that mean the case has been solved and justice served? Seems like a neat and tidy way to wrap up this storyline…almost as if…wait, are we in a procedural *right now*?!

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