Why the B.O.M.B. makeup challenge matters

Today in totally awesome news, there’s a new challenge taking over YouTube, and it’s about *way* more than just makeup. The B.O.M.B. (Black Owned Makeup Brands) Challenge is encouraging all makeup lovers to support black business owners. And the product is totally beautiful.

Vlogger Alyssa Forever did a collab with Alissa Ashley to bring the BOMB challenge to light and explain the reasoning behind it. “I was ashamed when I realized I had ZERO products from black owned brands,” Alyssa said. “So, I went out and bought as much as I could find and filmed myself using them! I hope more people do this!”


Fellow beauty vlogger Alissa echoed the importance of supporting the black community in this super cool way. “We encourage any and everyone to do this challenge,” Alissa said. “Just to support our black-owned businesses.”


Vlogger Jackie Aina jumped right into the B.O.M.B. Challenge. She opened up about why she thinks the challenge is so important, saying, “We use beauty brands that originated and started with non-black beauty brands all the time, so it doesn’t make sense that people shy away from beauty brands because they’re black owned.”

Aina continued to explain the reasoning behind the BOMB challenge. “There are a LOT of black-owned brands who are AMAZING and are often overlooked and overshadowed by bigger brands who don’t even cater to us as much as they should,” Aina said.

By supporting black-owned makeup brands, makeup lovers of all races have the opportunity to support black businesses, and the black community at large. Plus, this is a ridiculously fun way to do something *so* important. And most makeup lovers LOVE trying out new things! Like Aina said, “If you can slather 100 different highlighters on your face, I don’t see how far-fetched it is to ask someone who is not black to support black-owned beauty brands.”

Watch the video below.


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