Is a bomb cyclone coming to New York City today?

Good morning, New York! It’s a wet one out there, and we hope you’re staying warm and dry. In case you haven’t left the house yet or looked outside in a while, the nor’easter is here, and it’s wreaking weather havoc on the East Coast. As predicted, the heavy wind and rain began in the evening on Thursday, March 1st. The conditions continued into the morning and are still going strong.

But now that Winter Storm Riley is here, it looks like this nor’easter might be bigger than we originally expected. So, is there going to be a bomb cyclone today in New York City? Yes — according to The Weather Channel, Winter Storm Riley is currently bombing out. What does that mean, exactly? The storm is undergoing bombogenesis, a.k.a. experiencing a drop in atmospheric pressure of at least 24 millibars over 24 hours or less.

Initially, it looked like there wouldn’t be much snowfall in New York City during this winter storm, if any at all. It was only supposed to flurry and accumulate in parts of upstate New York. But mother nature surprised us early on Friday, March 2nd with rain that has already turned to sleet and snow.

Many news anchors and meteorologists are already confidently calling this nor’easter a full-blown bomb cyclone.

If you’ve been outside, you know the wind is no joke too.

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s just going to keep getting worse as the day goes on.

Still, there probably won’t be too much snowfall in the actual city itself.

Stock up on supplies, keep an eye on the weather, and stay safe out there during the bomb cyclone!

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