Bollywood star Deepika Padukone is winning the style game at Cannes, and here’s why

Even just saying the word Cannes feels elegant, cosmopolitan, and chic. So it’s no surprise that celebs use the red carpets there — we just imagine the entire city is paved with red carpets — to show off their best looks. One big-name Bollywood star, Deepika Padukone, is totally winning Cannes 2017 fashion by embodying everything that the annual film festival represents. And all in just a few days! 

For her first red carpet appearance, Padukone showed up in a sheer Marchesa gown. Then, she wore a dramatic, Old Hollywood-style custom Brandon Maxwell frock at the premiere of Loveless. Later, she dazzled at a L’Oréal event in a pink, vintage Balenciaga mini-dress. And she’s worn some other killer outfits in between!

Her stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, told Vogue that the goal was to go heavy on color. She said, “It’s about having a good time and staying away from black. We’re trying to bring out the best of who she is and all the different sides of her.”

Um, we feel like they totally nailed it.

Here was her first Cannes outfit, a red Johanna Ortiz dress that she wore to a daytime event for L’Oreal.

Saltzman has been working with Padukone, a rising star in Hollywood who recently appeared in xXx: Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel, for over a year; she has styled both Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow in the past. Padukone is certainly in good hands, and working hard to make sure everyone knows her name.

In her Vogue interview, Saltzman added, “When I first started working with her, I took all the jewelry off of her, because I felt like if anyone knows jewelry, really, it’s Deepika. No one does jewelry better [than her], but I thought, ‘If you’re trying to have your name reach a different base, a different audience, maybe it’s best for them just to see you.’”

Here are some of Deepika Padukone’s best Cannes 2017 looks.

She killed it in Brandon Maxwell at the Loveless premiere.

With her hair piled on top of her head and her statement earrings sparkling, Padukone is channelling Hollywood royalty.

Keeping the shoes simple.




Looking like a princess in Marchesa.

It’s that perfect kind of sheer — juuuuust enough.


They say the devil’s in the details, but we think she looks like a fashion angel.

One more look at this stunning gown.

The sleeves on this fitted frock make this look feel instantly iconic.

Pretty in pink, satin Galvano London.

A perfect summer-in-France look.

And a Balenciaga shift dress.

Shoe game on POINT.

In just a few days, Padukone managed to roll through a number of looks that showed off her personality, taste, and of course, those great ankle tattoos.