This “Bohemian Rhapsody” style ode to “Game of Thrones” will be stuck in your head all day

If you have a deep love for Game of Thrones, and a deep love for the British rock band Queen and their smash hit “Bohemian Rhapsody,” we have just the thing for you. A YouTube channel by the name of Jolly Roger Cinema posted a video that combines these two disparate things into one melodic delight. They call it, “Westerosi Rhapsody.” It’s a longish re-cap of five seasons worth of Game of Thrones set to the Queen hit single. To top it off, the video includes subtitles. So, you know, sing along if it so moves you. Fair warning though: The video contains many, many spoilers. So if you aren’t caught up, we’d skip this one if we were you!

We probably should have also warned you about the graphic-content as well.

Oops, our bad! Then again, Game of Thrones certainly doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to sex, nudity, incest, rape, violence and more violence. Nothing wakes you up like the initial sexual interlude between the King Slayer and Cersei. And what about the surprisingly clean throat-slashing during the Red Wedding?! (Ugh, we were hoping to never ever see that again. It broke our hearts the first time around. It’s only slightly more palatable this time because of Queen. So, thank you?) But, hey —
you know what they say. It isn’t television. It’s HBO!

Now that Winter has officially arrived, and an ensuing battle with White Walkers is on the horizon, this video serves as an excellent reminder of all that has come before. We still can’t believe we’ve white-knuckled it through six seasons of GOT all in the hopes of learning who will finally sit on the Iron Throne in the end. Will it be one of the Starks? Will it be a Lannister? Or will Daenerys finally accomplish what she’s set out to do since Season 1 — reclaim the Seven Kingdoms?

When it comes to the game of thrones, the anticipation is always terrible/wonderful!

Until all is revealed, replay this little diddy — and know that everyone else is, too. With almost 350,000 views on YouTube since it was posted in July, and one million views on Facebook since it was shared on Friday, this video is a viral hit. Talk about a real song of ice and fire. We’ll be singing along all day — at least up until tonight’s news Game of Thrones episode, during which we’ll of course demand complete silence.

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