This body positive activist totally took down this body-shaming comedian and it is intense!

Whitney Way Thore, body positivity activist and star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, totally took down comedian Kerryn Feehan when she made unkind remarks about overweight people on a radio show, and it was awesome.

In an incident airing during Wednesday’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Feehan, who was making a guest appearance on a radio show where Thore interns, totally offended Thore with her thoughtless comments, forcing Thore to storm into the studio to defend herself. While it won’t be clear until tonight’s episode airs what exactly Feehan said to upset Thore, the argument certainly got testy—and incredibly personal.

“I just don’t take very kindly to assumptions being made about my weight and health, and also, why do you care?” Thore demanded.

“Do you feel sad for your friends who are a little overweight?” Steve Maney, one of the radio hosts, asked Feehan. “Like, do you feel sad for Whitney?”

“I feel affected by them, I feel affected by their moods,” Feehan replied. “I feel affected by the way they treat me.”


Whitney, obviously shocked, asked: “So fat people don’t treat you well?!”

“Yeah, they’re moody and they’re cranky! They’re mean!” the comedian replied.

“Attitudes like this, is exactly what kept me in a darkened apartment, ordering pizza, because I didn’t want to go out into the world because people treated me so bad,” Thore explained, clearly saddened.

You can watch an exclusive clip on People here.

After the incident, Thore told People:

Thore continues to embrace her body and share a message of body positivity on her show and social media platforms, and her her hashtag #NoBodyShame has gone viral. She’s even given a TedX talk:

We agree: No one should be made to feel bad about their body.

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