The rad campaign combatting body-shaming ads—one sticker at a time

Despite the intense backlash that rose when Protein World plastered London with their “Are You Beach Body Ready?” ads back in April, the posters have made their way stateside, upsetting everyone who encounters them. So to combat these ads that encourage damaging and offensive beauty standards, the National Women’s Liberation group and Redstockings have banded together to create their own response.

Based on a 1969 prototype, the groups have recreated stickers that read “this oppresses women” and have been sticking them on sexists ads of all kinds, all over the city. After handing out the stickers at events and protests, there isn’t a misogynistic poster to be found without this feminist commentary branding it as unacceptable. Just take a look for yourself:

Enough is enough, says Erin Mahoney of National Women’s Liberation. She told The Huffington Post exactly how she felt about this rampant use of body-shaming to sell products:

Because these ads are so prevalent in our media, sometimes it doesn’t even phase us when they appear on buses or in the subway. But these stickers remind us that the fight for equality is far from over, and by noticing these small instances of objectification and inequality, we can eliminate them. Hopefully these stickers do their job and get companies to listen, and women can walk down the street without being told that their bodies are inadequate—or all that matters.

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