Social media beautifully rallied around a guy who was body-shamed for dancing

The Internet can be cruel. But sometimes from that cruelty can come the most unexpected beauty.

Today provided a heart-warming example of kindness in action, and social media working towards the greater good. Get the tissues ready, because this is an amazing example of body positivity and humanity at its absolute finest.

Last month, an anonymous Internet user was at a party, where he spotted a man (which the user cruelly calls a “specimen”) dancing by himself. He and his friends laughed at him until he stopped. The next week, he posted the following pictures on the anonymous message board, 4chan:

Imgur user FrozenBadger took a screenshot of this post and posted it with the caption, “I find this behavior f**king despicable. If you’re out there big man, f**k those kids. Keep dancing.”

The picture got quite a bit of attention on Imgur — mostly from people who were also (rightfully) disgusted with the concept of making a total stranger feel ashamed for dancing:

In fact, one person even recognized the man, confirming that he is, indeed, a wonderful soul:

Eventually, Twitter user Cassandra Fairbanks saw the post and was disturbed by it. She decided to make it her mission to make this guy’s day:

“I decided to tweet it and our offer in the hopes if he did see it, he would see something positive instead of a bunch of people upset,” Fairbanks told Buzzfeed. She had been a bit worried that further circulation of the picture would just embarrass him more, but she decided to take the risk to rectify the situation. And we’re sure glad she did, because it sparked a hashtag movement: #FindDancingMan!

And IT WORKED. Twitter user Robert A. Pabich tweeted the following picture to Fairbanks:

The Dancing Guy was not on Twitter, but he created his own account and tweeted at Fairbanks:

Fairbanks and The Dancing Man (still nameless!) are currently planning their grand dance party as we speak. Pharrell is even interested in what’s going on:

Not only did this story have a perfect ending, but social media got together not to focus on the bad — getting revenge against the 4chan user — but on positivity and happiness by making The Dancing Man’s day.

BRB, gotta grab a tissue. Darn these onion-cutting ninjas.

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