This body positivity blog for Asian women is so important

Too many women know what it’s like to be shamed for the way they look, especially when it comes to body size. Spoiler alert: It’s not fun.

And (despite the fact that they are exceptional) Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen are no exception.

Both have struggled with body image, especially as young adults.

Lee recounts that relatives would call her “fat” or “big-boned” when she was 18 and size 10. Her mother encouraged her to sign up for a weight-loss spa that promised to slim clients down through electric shocks and draconian diet restrictions. Lee lost 20 pounds after a month of “treatment,” but developed an eating disorder in college because of the continued pressure to stay skinny.


What made it especially difficult, Lee explained, is that as a Chinese-American she had to navigate both Asian and Western beauty standards.

So she decided to do something about it.

Teaming up with actress (and fellow awesome human being) Lynn Chen, they decided to start “Thick Dumpling Skin,” a powerful body positivity blog and safe space for Asian-Americans struggling with body image. They (and their readers) share personal stories, talk about Asian-American cultural identity, and curate a list of mental health resources. The blog also works to spread awareness of issues like eating disorders and body dysmorphia, and maximizes outreach through social media accounts and their super awesome podcast.

How rad is that?


We salute these beautiful, inspiring ladies and their awesome mission. You can check out Chen and Lee’s blog here!

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