This body positive web series is the best thing to hit the Internet this week

This season’s fashion week was chock full of body positive moments from Ashley Graham’s lingerie show to the PlusIsEqual movement that took over Times Square. And the fashion trend towards diversity and acceptance keeps on giving. Introducing Rare Birds of Fashion, a new web series that premiered this week.  This series is quirky, smart and acknowledges a major hurdle in the fashion industry—designing for the plus-sized market. Which, the web series points out, is now the average American; 75% of America wears above a size 14, but less than 20% of the $108 billion apparel market is plus-size.

The main character, Brenda, played by Jackie Zebrowski, is a young, strong-willed, plus-sized woman, working at a top NYC fashion house. She is constantly bombarded, be it by her ignorant boss, snotty sales women or even by her own mother, with the reminder that she considered, by society’s standards, “overweight.” Brenda, like many of us, has childhood memories of being made fun of for her weight and in Episode 4 we see these uncomfortable moments boil over. However, Brenda has a sense of humor about it all, and a vision for a better, more accepting fashion world. Instead of feeling defeated, Brenda uses all of this as ammunition to go for her goal: to present a plus-sized line to her company’s biggest buyer, Max Glass.

But Brenda can’t do it all alone. The series is also a story of friendship and Alix, Brenda’s best friend, roommate, and co-worker (only best friends can spend that much time together) offers support and encouragement. The two girls have a connection that is palpable on screen and it makes you want to call up your own bestie just to say “hey!”

The eight episodes are by far the easiest binge watch we’ve ever done; they go by quickly and by the end, you are so eager for Brenda to succeed. The series has some over the top characters, mainly Boss Lady and her assistant, Uber, as well as smart dialogue often delivered by the down to earth Brenda; her ability to use sarcasm against those who don’t pick up on it is hilarious to watch. And, be warned: once you hear the catchy opening theme music, “Big, big, big, big, city…”,  it will play on repeat in your head all day long. Even though Brenda points out that “aspirational isn’t a word,” this web series truly is! It is a reminder that beauty and brains come in all different sizes and, that’s a message we totally support.

Check out the first episode below and then prepare to spend the rest of the hour watching the next seven.


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