This body-positive model has us thinking twice about the word “sexy”

We’re obviously here for body positivity, which is why we totally love Instafamous Megan Jayne’s perspective on all things body. Her Instagram, bodyposipanda, has over 500,000 followers who, like us, love her honest posts and total self-love.

As women living in a society that feels entitled to policing and evaluating our worth based on our bodies, it’s so important to have role models like Megan who don’t subscribe to that toxic culture. Having recovered from anorexia, we extra respect Megan for being so open and honest on her Instagram — and we’re sure she’s inspiring girls who struggle with body image issues to overcome similar obstacles.

Her most recent post examining her feelings toward the word ‘sexy’ is especially on-point, and we’re definitely going to take her perspective to heart.

In her post, she states:

"I spent a lot of years thinking that I had to be someone else's definition of sexy to be worth something, and I tried so hard to find validation in their gaze. I saw myself as that commodity and I did everything I could to sell myself well. Not anymore."

We totally respect women reclaiming the word sexy to fit their own, healthier definition — but we’re also totally here for Megan’s rejection of the word and of the idea that her body is a commodity for other people’s consumption. To quote her again:

"You can say to hell with sexy and find your power in other things. Whatever you do, make sure it's for you."

We’ve definitely found a new #shero in Megan.

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