YASS: This blogger wants us to get rid of the term “goal weight”

Megan Jayne Crabbe’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of body-positive posts and empowering images. Going by BodyPosiPanda on the social media platform, Megan has specifically reminded her 247,000 followers that stomach rolls and cellulite are not flaws, and that the ideal butt isn’t realistic for everyone (including Kim Kardashian).

Just yesterday, the body posi role model continued to spread her message of body love when she spoke out about the idea that everyone should have a “goal weight:”

I know, I bought into it too – the idea that once I’d hit that goal weight my whole life would be different. I’d be happy, I’d be loved, I would finally be who I was supposed to be,wrote Megan. “Truth is, those adverts filled with women smiling down at their salads and frolicking through fields in red dresses while holding bowls of cardboard tasting cereal are lying.

Megan continued by explaining that losing weight will not automatically solve anyone’s problems. Reaching a goal weight also isn’t something that will help someone become the person they’ve always wanted to be. This is instead a step we can take at any time – goal weight or not. Yet, many of us have unfortunately been conditioned to believe that this is not the case – that our bodies determine our worth.

We’ve all made those ‘when I lose 10 pounds’ promises. Maybe THEN you’ll wear that outfit. Maybe THEN you’ll tell that person how you feel. Maybe THEN you’ll go on that adventure you’ve always dreamed of,asserted Megan. “Well guess what? You already have the power to be that person, you are already worthy of that life. So go live it, and learn to love the magnificent body that let’s you.

Though it’s great to have goals that push us to be better, healthier people – these goals should not determine our present worth. Just because you haven’t reached your goal weight, that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. It doesn’t mean that your unworthy of love or that you have to wait to make other positive changes in your life.

In the end, all bodies (and the people attached to them) are beautiful and having or reaching a goal weight won’t change that.

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