This body-positive Instagrammer makes an empowering point about her body being her home

After watching a movie, we often feel inspired. But body-positive activist Megan Jayne Crabbe took that idea to a new level by inspiring us after seeing the documentary Embrace. Through an Instagram post on her account bodyposipanda, Crabbe reminded us that we should treat our bodies like our homes.

As Crabbe wrote in her post:

"#IHAVEEMBRACED THIS BODY. This soft tummy, these dimpled thighs, these jiggling arms, this bare face. All the parts I never thought I could. Because I realised couldn't spend any more of my life seeing my body as the enemy, instead of my home. 💜"

The motivation for this post came from Crabbe seeing Taryn Brumfitt’s film, Embrace, a few months ago. Brunfitt is best known for posting body-positive before and after photos where her “before” body was in body competition shape and her “after” body was after she gave birth to her three children.

Through her organization, Body Image Movement, Brumfitt created the documentary, Embrace, which encourages people to look at their bodies as “not an ornament,” but as “a vehicle.”

And that’s where the hashtag #IHaveEmbraced (which Crabbe used in her post) comes from.

Crabbe admitted in her post to crying during the first 15 minutes of the movie, but honestly, we cried at the trailer alone, so we know this documentary is full of powerful stuff. The kind of stuff that makes you realize your body houses the person you are, but doesn’t define you.

So, treat your body as you do your home — with love and respect — and take Crabbe and Brumfitt’s essential advice to fully embrace it.

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