This body-positive Instagrammer’s photos remind us that bloating is just a part of life

You have probably felt — or have actually been — bloated in your life more times than you can count. Maybe your stomach bloating was because of food you ate or because you had your period. However, no matter why you were bloated, body-positive Instagrammer Kenzie Brenna wants to remind you that bloating doesn’t mean you did anything wrong.

Brenna’s February 3rd Instagram post is an essential reminder that body bloating should not equal body blame.

In her side-by-side post, she shows that she was hiding her stomach with a comfy hoodie (oh, how we’ve been there) because she wasn’t feeling so great due to her bloating. She gave a litany of possible reasons for bloating that are super familiar.

"I dunno why, maybe it's cause I had a few drinks last night, ate a lot of salt, didn't drink enough water, too much caffeine, overload on sugar, looked at a cake wrong, pissed off the aesthetic gods, stepped on a crack ..."

Her list rings so true, but also shows how foolish it is to spend your life stressing about what you did to cause your stomach to bloat. As she wrote, “Seriously how many times do we go through our whole day to find out we did ‘something wrong.’”

Instead, Brenna says you should know that your body will bloat sometimes. And to remember:

"Your body is doing this FOR YOU AND NOT TO YOU."

Of course, if your bloating is caused by gastrointestinal intestinal problems, Brenna recommends you don’t ignore the bloating and investigate the reasons. But if you’re just dealing with your everyday, standard, run-of-the-mill stomach bloating, fight the urge to hide it under a hoodie.

Because — as Brenna says — “You are allowed to take up space in the world. You always have been allowed, you always will be allowed.”

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