These Body-Positive Influencers Make Us Feel So Good

In a world where Internet trolls like to spend their time tearing others down and where some of Hollywood’s top actresses and models use their fame to spread garbage advice about skinny teas and tonics, it can be a struggle to stay upbeat about our bodies. Fortunately, body-positive influencers all over the world are here to help. So much so that, if you search #bodypositive on Instagram, you’ll be met with over 13 million posts dedicated to spreading love and support for real bodies.

While finding as many body-positive influencers to follow will undoubtedly make your social media feeds a more positive place to spend your free time, actually scouring them out can be a bit of a process. To help fill your feed with relatable content creators and uplifting messages, ahead you’ll find 12 body-positive influencers to follow ASAP. And if you love what you see, be sure to click the little down arrow on their page to discover similar accounts with the same self-love message.

Mik Zazon

A self-touted creator, speaker, and leader, Mik Zazon is a 24-year-old Instagram and TikTok star who urges (and grants permission to) followers to show up exactly as they are. She’s the millennial behind the trending hashtag #NormalizeNormalBodies, a social media movement that aims to put realistic body images back on social media. She’s the queen of posting (and embracing) cellulite, tummy rolls, and hip dips, not to mention side-by-side, self-love-centric comparisons of herself and other influencers wearing the same outfit to show that all bodies are beautiful. In other words, if you’re not following her yet, you know what to do.

Tiffany Ima

To help her followers embrace their body first and foremost, Tiffany Ima takes to Instagram to shed light on what she likes to call “Simple Body Confidence.” As a wellness content creator, she uses her page (which boasts over 50,000 followers) to point out simple facts and sentiments geared toward creating a healthier mindset—like the fact that skinny doesn’t always mean healthy and the idea that we are all more than a body. In addition to highly relatable pictures and words, Tiffany color-coats her feed in soothing pastels, making her guided self-love journey that much more welcoming to followers.

Meg Boggs

Oftentimes people make assumptions about other people based on the appearance of their body. Meg Boggs is here to challenge that idea and remind everyone that you can be “strong, confident, and empowered at any size”—so much so that she wrote a book about it (Fitness for Every Body). Meg, who is a self-described athlete, advocate, and mother, is the creator of the #ThankYouBody movement on Instagram. She urges followers to appreciate their bodies and all that they can do, no matter their size.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe’s ultimate goal—as described in her bio—is to try “to get people to be a bit kinder to themselves.” While her body-positive content garners thousands of likes each time she posts, she also uses her platform (where she has over 1.3 million followers) to spread awareness of anxiety and racial issues. Take one scroll through her page, and, if brightly-colored, body-positive messages are your thing, we bet you’ll click ‘follow.’

Nelly London

Nelly London is a Brighton-based body-positive influencer who uses her page—which touts over 160,000 followers—to share how angles make a difference and self-love is of the utmost importance. If you’ve ever tried on a bathing suit or lingerie only to think it looks horrible, Nelly is here to remind you that the way you wear it makes all the difference in the world. She regularly posts side-by-side photos of herself wearing undies and leggings pulled up to her waist vs. down on her hips, along with close-up tummy shots, to share the idea that curves are something to be embraced, appreciated, and celebrated—not criticized and mocked. She even goes so far as to post her haters’ comments to remind followers that 1) other people’s opinions don’t matter, and 2) “You’re exactly where you need to be in this moment.”

 Shana Minei Spence

Not only is Shana Minei Spence a body-positive, diet-culture-debunking activist, she’s also a registered dietician bringing research to back her claims. On her page, you’ll find her bright, smiling face accompanied by trendy letter boards covered in important messages that anyone struggling with self-love and body image should read. “This is your PSA that one style of eating that works for someone else may not work for you,” she shared in one post. “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but no one knows or cares what size your jeans are,” she wrote in another. Every day, Shana takes to the ‘gram to share health-centric self-love advice, so you’ll never be in short supply if her anti-diet approach resonates with you.

Nicole Zajac

Love a little TMI with a touch of skin to boot? Then you’ll adore Nicole Zajac, who just so happens to call herself “your local TMI.” The influencer, who has over 50,000 followers, regularly shares photos of herself in bikinis, bike-short athleisure sets, and tummy-bearing ‘fits, all in the name of self-love. Got stretch marks? She uses her posts to remind followers that they’re not the enemy. Like to show a little skin? She also reminds followers that you don’t have to be modest to be respected. Gained weight? She urges people to remember that a spike on the scale will never change your worth. And the list goes on. The bubbly, often-all-smiles babe is just about as real as it gets on the ‘gram.

 Danae Mercer

Meet Danae Mercer. With over one million followers, the Middle East-based influencer and Cosmo ME and Women’s Health ME journalist uses her page to spread awareness about eating disorders, self-love, and the power (and deception) of angles. Her message? “Stop letting other people change the way you see yourself,” she writes on her Instagram page. As you scroll through her grid, you’ll notice her debunking “fitspo” photo techniques; empowering people with cellulite, stretch marks, and rolls; and overall being a light to guide others on their journeys toward self-love.

Karina Irby

If you love to laugh and appreciate influencers who post ultra-relatable body content, you’ll fall head over heels for the ever-hilarious Karina Irby. The Australian body-positive influencer is the founder of Moana Bikini and uses her platform of over 1.1 million followers to shed light on angles, eczema, bloating, stretch marks, cellulite, and the reality that we all fart from time to time. And, if you love her humor and appreciate influencers who don’t mind making fools of themselves, be sure to follow her comedic account, @karinairby_raw.

Kenni Powe

Often mistaken for Lizzo, Instagram sensation Kenni Powe is a force to be reckoned with—and most definitely one to follow. She’s the founder of the social media movement Skinny Is Not a Compliment and uses her page to create and promote representation of curvy girls everywhere. And she’s not just an Instagram model! She’s worked with Lane Bryant, Forever 21, Sol de Janeiro, and many more.

Chelsea Culbertson

Wish your Instagram feed was filled with ultra-supportive content instead of posts that urge you to shrink and compare? Follow Chelsea Culbertson to get all that and more. Chelsea refers to herself as a “healthy, happy, self-loved, curvy shorty” in her bio and uses her feed to encourage others to love themselves exactly as they are. She’s the queen of posting bikini pics, sharing angles that some influencers might urge you to smooth out, and reminds us all to appreciate and accept our bodies where they are in this moment. Oh, and in addition to being a body-positive hero, she’s a legitimate health hero too. All our love to this must-follow lady who works every day to keep those around her—both in person and online—physically and mentally healthy.

Sarah Nicole Landry

Chances are, you’ve seen Sarah Nicole Landry pop up in your discovery feed at one point or another. The mother, writer, creator, and speaker boasts over 1.4 million followers on Instagram—and for good reason! After stepping away from an 11-year marriage, Landry took her three children and went out on her own to figure out this whole life thing—and she documented much of the process in tiny, square-shaped grid posts accompanied by eloquent captions and big messages that aren’t lost on her many, many followers. As her bio points out, Landry’s page is all about being “a journal of life and love after massive change.” If you follow her, you can expect to find both images and words that spread the message that we’re all more than our bodies, we’re stronger than we think, and we deserve more than we can imagine. Trust: She’s a true treat to follow.

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