The internet has fallen in love with this couple’s body-positive engagement photos

It’s increasingly common these days for couples to pose for engagement photo shoots — so much so that our eyes sometimes glaze over when we seem them in our Insta feeds. But one Texas couple created a body-positive engagement photoshoot that people are noticing — and for all the right reasons.

Stephanie and Arryn, a newly-engaged couple from Overton, Texas, posed for a boudoir photo shoot to celebrate this wonderful moment in their lives. The photos quickly went viral, resonating with viewers because of their body positivity, as well as the tremendous amount of love captured on film.

Wolf & Rose Photography posted the images from the shoot to their Facebook page, and they are genuinely making us tear up.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Stephanie admitted she was nervous about going topless for the shots, saying, "I was so nervous to see the final result. I didn’t know what to expect. But when I saw the album, I was shocked. I look so in love and confident. Every person should be able to see themselves in that light. It is really eye-opening."

As the photos went viral, Stephanie realized she had a unique opportunity to spread a body positive message to people who don’t get to see a variety of body types online. “I remember being in junior high and looking at myself in the mirror, wondering why my stomach wasn’t the way it was ‘supposed’ to be,” she said.

"Over the years, I’ve come to accept that I am always going to be considered plus-size. I push myself out of my comfort zone by wearing clothes that I love but aren’t in society’s mold of what is acceptable for bigger women, like crop tops, tight shirts, shorter dresses and shorts. I walk around with my head high, smiling, and show no shame in myself."

As for her relationship with her soon-to-be husband (they’re planning to wed in 2019!), Stephanie says Arryn has helped her embrace her body and has always loved her for exactly who she is.

She said,"Throughout our relationship, there has never been a time when he made me feel self-conscious about any part of myself. To him, it doesn’t matter if I have not washed my hair for a week or shaved my legs in over a month. He loves me for who I am, and for who I make him want to become. He has always told me that he doesn’t care how I look, that I’m beautiful regardless."

Stephanie hopes that her photos going viral will “inspire society to believe that who they are and what they look like is enough to be truly loved,” which is the most stunning and empowering part of this whole thing. We’re sending all our congratulations to this gorgeous couple as they celebrate their engagement, and we can’t wait to see the wedding shots.

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