These women did a body-positive Disney Princess photo shoot, because some heroes wear gowns

We love the Disney Princesses, and we love that Disney attempts to make its heroines as racially inclusive as possible. However, Disney Princesses are perhaps the least body positive group of animated characters ever. Disney Princesses are size zero, tall, and lithe and yet somehow also have hourglass proportions. Yes, they are cartoons, but it’s baffling that they couldn’t draw their heroes with more realistic body types. This is why we are celebrating these two women who did a body-positive Disney Princess photo shoot.

Two body positive bloggers, Michelle Elman and Amy Wooldridge, came up with the idea for the photo shoot after spending their lives feeling less-than in the shadow of Disney Princesses’ perfect bodies.

“WE NEED A FAT PRINCESS. Growing up with Disney, my heart hurt a little,” Elman wrote on Instagram. “Disney princesses are seen as the epitome of beauty and even as a young girl, I quickly learnt that meant I wasn’t beautiful. This was emphasised even more when we shopped for princess birthday parties. There were never any in my size. Things haven’t really changed. It was sooo hard for @amyeloisew and I to find these in our sizes. I actually wanted to be jasmine so I could be a Scarred princess but no surprises that people still continue to assume fat women don’t wear crop tops. How incredible would it be for little kids to grow up and instead of saying ‘I want to look like her!’ they could say ‘wow she looks like me!’ How incredible would it be if the epitome of beauty and the envy of many little girls wasn’t so equated to thinness?”

Elma has surgical scars on her body and feels like body positivity should go beyond size. All we see are Disney Princesses with beautiful unblemished skin, making young girls with scars, acne, or freckles feel as if their unique bodies aren’t beautiful.

Wooldridge summed it up as such:

"How amazing would it be if there was more representation in media? If children were able to watch cartoons with diversity in? How much more would we achieve if we didn’t spend so much time hating our bodies?"

Damn right!