This body-positive blogger just made an awesome point about being #StrongNotSkinny

A simple hashtag can make a big impact. Just take a look at #StrongNotSkinny, which took the internet by storm. From people celebrating its message to well-thought-out analyses of its more problematic aspects, the hashtag started important dialogues about body image, beauty, and what it means to be strong as well as sexy. And one blogger has taken this conversation a step further, adding a new dimension to the idea of strength, sexiness, and being body-positive.

Kathleen Elizabeth Tyler is a a blogger who focuses on the positive. So it should come as no surprise that her take on #StrongNotSkinny highlighted the good aspects of the hashtag.

But unlike most people, who interpreted the hashtag as a call to hit the gym without worrying about your weight, Tyler turned the message into something much more profound.

With amazing candor and grace, Taylor talked about what #StrongNotSkinny meant to her. From fighting an eating disorder to reporting her sexual assault, Taylor in no way glossed over the hard parts of life. Instead, she used them to explain exactly why she is so strong. It’s not about hitting the gym every day (although if that makes you feel good, go for it). It’s about taking care of yourself, loving yourself, and finding strength in unexpected places. Maybe the gym makes you strong; maybe it’s going to therapy, or talking with your friends, or watching your favorite television show.

"The next time you are getting down on yourself because you chose extra fries over exercise, please remember that strength isn't only found in lifting weights and sometimes choosing the extra fries is exactly the kind of strength that will allow you to defeat your demons."

In this world, sometimes loving yourself — fabulous, messy, complicated, and real — is the truest example of strength that there is.

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