A body-language expert says Meghan Markle is “politely disconnecting” from the public, and honestly, we would too

Lately, things have been far from hunky-dory for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In the beginning of October, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle filed a lawsuit against a British tabloid for unlawfully publishing a private letter from Meghan to her father ahead of the royal wedding. And later that same month, Meghan revealed that she’s “not okay,” referring to her emotional state hurt by the media attacks. Now, according to a body-language expert, Meghan appears to be “politely disconnecting” from the public, and we can’t say we blame her.

On November 7th, Meghan and Harry made an appearance at Westminster Abbey in honor of Remembrance Day, during which the royal family honors the efforts and achievements of British war heroes. Body-language expert Blanca Cobb revealed to Cosmopolitan that, judging by the photos from the event, Meghan looks as though she’s trying to distance herself from the people.

"It’s really obvious there’s only one person who has Meghan’s attention, and that’s her husband, Harry," Cobb said of the below photo. "Along with what Meghan and Harry have said about media scrutiny, this image shows that they’re pulling into themselves. They’re still going to engage with the public, but they’re doing so at a distance."


In another photo of the couple, Cobb said it’s clear that Harry is keeping a protective eye on his wife.

“This picture shows a polite disconnect from the public,” Cobb continued. “Meghan is looking down, but Harry is looking in Meghan’s direction. Meghan is the only person who is truly behind Harry, so it’s safe to say he is checking in on his wife.”


Cobb also pointed out the fact that Meghan refrained from looking at her fellow attendees for most of the event. Rather, Meghan held a downward gaze throughout most of the ceremony. “This is a way of disengaging, but it’s still very respectful toward the public,” Cobb explained.

Of course, it should be noted that the Remembrance Day ceremony was a solemn event, and therefore Meghan may have felt it was more appropriate to keep her emoting to a minimum.

However, if Cobb is right and Meghan is distancing herself from the public, we certainly don’t fault her for it. We hope that by achieving some distance, Meghan and Harry will have space to heal.

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