‘The Body Doesn’t Lie’ is making us feel better (literally)

We are totally obsessed with The Body Doesn’t Lie, Vicky Vlachonis’ amazing new book about how to figure out the origin of body pains and how to let them go, the holistic way. The book offers easy fixes for diet, exercise, and just general emotional well-being, and, basically, it’s awesome stuff. Vlachonis developed her pain eradication methods after working with a wide range of people for over 16 years, from CEOs to celebs to, you know, us normal people, and the experience shows. Her Positive Feedback Program is a three-step process to Reflect, Release, and Radiate, and teaches us how to use our bodies to transform both our aches and our attitudes for the better. (Who doesn’t want that?!)

In case you’re not totally sold and want to give the program a tester run, Vlachonis is doing a 3 Week Pain-Free Challenge right now, which is going on until October 26th! The idea behind the challenge is basically to give your body a reboot, boost your energy, and get rid of all those gross body pains by eliminating gluten, dairy, and sugar from your diet for a couple weeks. We know it might sound difficult, but the benefits seem worth putting up with the cravings.

You can sign up to receive the Pain-Free Challenge newsletter at Vlachonis’ site, and see the first emails you might have missed at her blog (which explain the whole thing in greater detail and gives instructions for week one and two). The Body Doesn’t Lie ($17) is available at most major places you buy books and you can find out more info about the book here! Hooray for being healthy and feeling awesome, Gigglers.

(Image via Vicky Vlachonis.)

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