This body contouring montage is equal parts fascinating and jarring

Body contouring is a real thing that people are doing. Both women and men are using makeup to create or enhance all parts of their bodies. They’re chiseling their cleavage, abs, cheek bones, the back of their necks and any other part of their bodies they think needs enhancing—all by strategically applying makeup on the right spots.

Olipretty posted a video that breaks down how to correctly sculpt your body by using makeup. We had no idea it was even possible to create a gladiator-like six pack out of bronzer. But it is. And it’s real.

We absolutely don’t think body contouring is a necessary or healthy thing to start doing, but it seems like a fun thing to try—or at least to watch on the Internet. Whether you’re into body contouring or not, these results are pretty incredible.


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