‘Bob’s Burgers’ character costumes are KILLING IT this Halloween, and we’re so pleased

We remain forever grateful for Bob’s Burgers and all of the strange hilarity it brings to the world. So when we realized that DIY Bob’s Burgers costumes are massively taking over the scene this Halloween, we were totally on board. After all, what’s more giggle-worthy than Bob’s Burgers costume?!


It probably comes as no surprise that Tina Belcher costumes totally stole the show, with Louise Belcher costume ideas being a close second. TBH, we love every single one.

We love, love, love these Bob and Lindas!


And Louise, our favorite sassy little thing.


Of course these Tina costumes KILLED IT.



And these Gene costumes are just *precious* and give us all the LOLs.


We’re still giggling about these costumes, and we’ll probably never stop.

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