What happens when ‘Bob’s Burgers’ meets a Sleater-Kinney music video? Pure brilliance

What’s better than a Sleater-Kinney music video, you ask? A Sleater-Kinney music video, Bob’s Burgers style. Duh.

The legendary riot grrrl band teamed up with the genius folks behind Fox’s animated series Bob’s Burgers, for their latest music video, “A New Wave.” The vid starts off with the show’s enigmatic 13 year-old, Tina Belcher, putting a Sleater-Kinney CD on via her bedroom stereo. The ladies of Sleater-Kinney then magically appear in Tina’s room and give her a live performance of “A New Wave.” By the time Louise and Gene enter the room, things start to get even trippier . . . and by trippier, we mean there’s slo-mo head-banging over patterned vignettes.

You know, as much as we appreciate this video, we have to admit — we’re pretty jealous of Tina. It’s really sad that when we get in our cars and crank up the No Cities To Love album, Sleater-Kinney doesn’t magically appear in the back seat. I guess we’re just gonna have to live vicariously through the Belchers. No harm there.

Witness the brilliance for yourselves, below.