Meet “Jennifer,” the new streetwear brand made for women

While women make up a substantial amount of the streetwear audience (and have contributed considerably to the culture), we aren’t often represented by the brands we love. Oh, and can we just have a moment for all the menswear brands who hyped up their womenswear lines then hit us with a bunch of booty shorts and crop tops?

Yeah, no. Bobby Kim of The Hundreds (aka Bobby Hundreds) has something for women who know the power of a perfect hoodie. His newest project, Jennifer, isn’t just menswear hosed down with pink, it’s actually created for women’s bodies. Think oversized tees ($55) with cropped hems (still baggy, just not in a nightgown sort of way) and a tailored-for-women Girlfriend hoodie ($140) that started it all.

On the website’s bio, Bobby Hundreds explains the inspiration behind the new line.

"How come it's okay — trendy, even — for girls to covet their guy's clothes, but not the other way around? Isn't it time for a women's label that men beg for?"

The newest release from Jennifer is a pair of Netflix binge-friendly “Weekend Shorts,” ($105). Whether cuffed or uncuffed, they’re absolute perfection. (Sincere apologies to denim cutoffs, it was nice knowin’ ya.)

Hundreds noted on Jennifer’s site,

"For the first time, I was interested in making a statement in women's apparel. We began post-election with our signature “Girlfriend Hoodie, a response to a boyfriend’s jean. This oversized sweatshirt can be worn by a guy but is tailored for a woman. Next, we introduced our custom T-shirt. It’s boxy, uniquely 14 single, feels like your favorite vintage ‘80s tee while being brand new at the same time."

Everything from Jennifer is designed in Los Angeles and made in limited quantities. You can shop the entire line over at