As a tribute to Vine, please watch this Vine of Bobby Flay dancing

Although his name probably sounds familiar, you might not immediately remember who Bobby Flay is. Well, we’re here to simultaneously change that AND have a moment of silence for the death of Vine. To bring you up to speed, Bobby Flay, a walk of fame star-having chef, has a variety of high-quality restaurants in various cities, as well as a large handful of shows on the Food Network.

He’s maybe best known for Iron Chef, but the important thing to know for the purposes of this post is this…

Bobby Flay is the most adorable dancer we’ve ever seen. Bar none. We want to set the bar appropriately high before you watch this Vine.

Did we tell you or did we tell you? Seriously, we’ve been watching this Vine nonstop for maaaaybe an hour, which brings us to the second part of this post, which is an important but very sad reality (just keep dancing Bobby Flay in the back of your mind to keep your mood up.)

You’ve probably heard, Twitter recently announced that Vine, after spending four years becoming one of our all time favorite internet haunts, will be shutting down. Content won’t be deleted, although the phone app will, but while you’ll still be able to visit old content on the website, new uploads will cease.


So please, use your time appreciating Bobby Flay shaking his groove thing in memoriam of our dear and soon to be departed friend, Vine.

Rest in peace, dear sweet website.