Bobbi Brown’s new cheek glow palettes are making us dream of spring

On days where the winter winds are harsh and bitter, it’s only natural for us to glance out our window and longingly dream of the warm spring weather we know will eventually return to us. Fully tapping into this longing, Bobbi Brown’s new cheek glow palettes have only increased our desire for long walks in the park and boozy sunlit picnics.

It’d be an understatement to say the makeup artist Bobbi Brown is a woman constantly hard at work, developing beautiful cosmetics for her devoted followers. Over the last 25 years in the business, she’s successfully released everything from popular shimmer highlighter palettes to “life proof” long wear cosmetics developed with the demands of athletes in mind.

Nearly all of her releases have been met with enthusiastic applause. But now, Bobbi Brown’s namesake brand has harnessed our longing for flowers and long walks on the beach with the cheek glow duos that almost make us forget it’s frosty outside.

The new Cheek Glow Palettes include a combo of creamy illuminator and rouge so you can strike the spring balance you desire.

Your cheeks can be transformed into tiny glamorous suns.

The Cheek Glow Palette is available for purchase on the Bobbi Brown website for $50.

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