Another (mini) ‘Full House’ reunion — Bob Saget will guest star on ‘Grandfathered’

John Stamos is the most likeable human being on the planet. He acts. He smiles. He shows us his abs. He eats Greek yogurt. Remember the screams and the whoops that emanated from the Full House studio audience every time Uncle Jesse walked into the room? They had it right. Basically, he’s our perfect man.

Which is why we’re so stoked to have him back in our TV lineup with his new sitcom Grandfathered. John Stamos is better than ever! His character, Jimmy Martino, is a 50-something bachelor who just found out he has a son — and a granddaughter.

When times get tough in his new role as family man, who does he call? The Tanner Family of course! No, seriously — Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, AKA Danny Tanner and Uncle Joey, are going to make appearances on Stamos’s new show. Because, of course they are. The Tanner Family men stick together!

But Bob Saget won’t be playing the wholesome and loving Danny Tanner. Instead, he’s playing a character named Ronnie, Jimmy’s lifelong BFF (adorbs). Ronnie gets Jimmy thinking about the good old days and encourages him to enjoy wild nights out, despite his new status as a grandfather. It’s a role that seems more um, fitting, with Saget’s brand of humor.

As for Coulier, he’ll play one of Sara’s coworker’s patients. If only they were all three appearing in the same episode. Just imagine them singing ‘The Teddy Bear Song’ to little baby Edie. So cute! But fear not, Tannerheads — the trio will appear together in the upcoming Fuller House.

(Image via ABC.)