Sick of red and white wine? Well, blue wine is about to be a thing

Red wine and white wine are the old standbys, and there are also sparkling and pink wines, but we’ve never heard of a blue wine — until now. There’s a Spanish company called Gik that’s trying their hand at making blue wine, and we’re not quite sure what to think of it yet, but we love wine so much that we won’t make up our minds until we give it a try.

The website for the company says that the wine is “a sweet and blue drink with 11.5 [percent] alcohol.” The team that created the wine is apparently all young people with no traditional wine education, all in their 20s with no prior experience with the product. They “are not business people but creators: designers, programmers, artists and musicians. They work without hierarchy; horizontally.” Hmm. Is this a start-up wine company?


The wine itself is made from a blend of red and white grapes from Spain’s Basque region, Gik. While we’re still a little unclear how they get that brilliant blue color, it’s actually kind of beautiful —  but we’re still reserving judgment til we can get a taste!

Gik seems like they want us to ask “Why blue wine?” simply so they can answer, “Why not?” Their website is, which is very clever, and the bottle, inexplicably, has a man with the head of a very pensive dog on the label.

Okay, you’ve got our attention, Gik.