Blue moon alert! Blue moon alert!

We’ve all heard the phrase “once in a blue moon” when something is said to appear infrequently, or barely at all. Its origin as an idiom comes with good reason.

Blue moons are rare. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, they typically only come around once every three years, and now it looks like we’re due for another appearance. Let’s do this!

On Friday, July 31, we’ll have the chance to spot the first blue moon since 2012 — but is it actually blue? Unfortunately, you’re not going to see any crazy color changes. A blue moon isn’t blue at all; it’s merely the name given to the second full moon inside of a single month.

That being said, visibly blue moons have been observed in the night sky before — but the last one was back in 1950. Typically, it can be caused by particles in the atmosphere which are often the result of natural disasters such as forest fires or volcanic eruptions. So, we’re OK with the lack of blue.

In astrology, a blue moon can signify times of sadness, change or other upheaval. According to one astrologer, this particular moon could be a sign of relationship drama. Regardless of what you believe this blue moon might have in store for you, it’s always pretty fun to find a way to sit outside and look up at the night sky.

If you miss the blue moon on Friday, unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait a while before you have another opportunity to check out this natural phenomenon for yourself – the next seasonal blue moon isn’t due to happen until 2018.

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