If you thought Blue Ivy took after Jay-Z, then you need to see her in this side-by-side with Beyoncé

Beyonce’s children have been the talk of the town ever since her first pregnancy announcement. And if you thought Blue Ivy took after Jay-Z, then you need to see her in this side-by-side with Beyoncé. The resemblance is uncanny! Would it be too much to hope that Blue ends up being a bad-ass feminist like her mom?

Because the power couple is so private about their lives, we don’t often get a glimpse into the lives of their children. And with Beyoncé soon giving birth to twins security will be air-tight once more. Luckily, a fan decided to create a side-by-side comparison of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, giving us the much needed comparison.

The photo was spotted by Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, and shared with her fans. Suddenly the entire internet couldn’t contain themselves. Side-by-side with Beyoncé, Blue Ivy looks like her mini-me.

Need more proof?!?

Given that Blue Ivy’s mother is Queen B, it goes without saying that their appearances are very similar. Especially when you put them in matching outfits; something that Beyoncé does frequently, to the elation of her fans.

When Bey gets glam, so does Blue!


Not everyone can pull off the ruffles and crystal look. Lucky for Blue, her mom is a professional artist and fashion icon. She really lucked out! The mother/daughter duo look similar, just like how Beyonce and her mother look almost identical as well.

We love seeing this beautiful family keep growing. It might be too early to hope for a movie where Bey’s kids play young version of her, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for it!

No matter which parent you think Blue takes after, you’ve got to agree, she’s a lucky kid either way.

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