You Just Wait Until You See What Blue Ivy Did With Her First Grammy

Honestly, not a bad idea.

On March 14th, Blue Ivy Carter became the second youngest Grammy winner in history. At just 9 years old, Blue took home her first trophy for Best Music Video for Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl.” It’s what she did with her gramophone that has us absolutely screeching in joy.

Blue’s very famous mama, Beyoncé, shared a collection of photos to Instagram on March 17th to commemorate the family’s huge evening at the Grammys. And when we say huge, we mean record-breaking huge—Beyoncé had a big night of her own, winning her 28th award to make her the winningest woman in Grammy history. But Beyoncé also shared a Grammy compilation video of her biggest Grammy moments—including a few snaps of Blue with her trophy.

Do you want to know what this tiny legend did with her first Grammy? She stuck a straw in it and drank out of it. Brilliant. Oh and she’s wearing a crown. *Screams*

Twitter went bananas not only when Blue won on Sunday but again after Beyoncé shared the video, praising this 9-year-old that we all aspire to be.

There were also several jokes about Beyoncé and Jay-Z showing up at the Grammys to collection Blue’s award—like they work for her. (Let’s be real, when you’re parents, you do work for your kids.)

Whew, we can only imagine winning a Grammy at 9 years old. The talent! This girl is definitely going places.

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