In honor of Blue Ivy’s 7th birthday, here are a few of her most perfectly extra moments

It’s January 7th, 2019, which means it’s officially Blue Ivy Carter’s 7th birthday. That’s right. It’s been seven whole year since the world was blessed with Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s firstborn, and she’s essentially been a queen since Day One. Whether she’s sternly telling her mother and father to calm down at awards shows or reminding her grandmother that “you’re not supposed to take pictures here,” she’s seemingly always handling herself like a boss (seriously—she appears to have CEO-level confidence).

In honor of this momentous day, we’ve compiled some of our very favorite Blue Ivy moments for your enjoyment.

1That time she chilled on a yacht like it was NBD.

2When she got her TM on.

3When she got in a $20,000 bidding war with Tyler Perry.

4When she ever-so-calmly told her parents to stop clapping at the Grammys so the audience could hear Camilla Belle.

(Not to mention the lewks she served that night.)


5And finally, that time she brought an $1,800 Louis Vuitton purse to an NBA All-Star game.


Happy birthday, lady!

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